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Ard Digital is a passionate and dedicated team who love to create the best CGI content. We also love working on varied projects, exploring new technology, and working in new ways.

Founded in 2012, Ard Digital has worked with many clients, in all kinds of industries. We’re always looking for new opportunities, and different ways to make CGI work for you!


Producing high quality CGI images, animations and interactive applications are the main focus for work, but anything else 3D or CGI related is great too, unusual projects are sometimes the most fun!

Experimenting and playing with new technology, such as 3D printing and virtual reality, is something else we try to do, it’s always exciting to see where these things take us!

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360° Video Gives us a View into Pre-historic Life!

360° video gives us a view into pre-historic life! 360° video is on the rise, and it’s becoming a fascinating way to engage with viewers. The technology is very new, and as such people don’t quite know the best way to use it, or even produce it, but this 360° video is one of the best […]

3D Printing Trophies For Umbro Event

3D printing is great… …and this little project proves just how the medium of of 3D printing can really bring out the best in design and speed to create something truly unique! We were asked by sports giant Umbro to help create several trophy designs, and to them manufacture them via 3D printing. The deadline was […]

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Call:   01484 937399 / 07528410507
Skype:   DeanPunchard
Visit:   Huddersfield, England


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