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Welcome showcases a little bit of what Ard Digital has done in the past, from visualising architecture off-plan, to creating CGIs to illustrate a beautiful interior, or even producing interactive, playful product configurators.

The end results are great (clients will agree!), but how we get to the end visuals is also what makes Ard Digital a fantastic company to work with. Working along side clients, each project is unique and individual, and tailored to best suit you and your audience, that’s one of the main reasons why creating CGI illustrations and animations is so great!

Browse the site, read the blog, explore past CGI work in the portfolio, and get in touch to discuss anything you might want to talk about!

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Ard Digital is essentially me, Dean Punchard, a creative freelance visualisation artist, with a background in computer arts, and a love of all things design and architecture.

Ard Digital can be more than just 1 person, as large or specialist projects can be tackled through a network of like minded freelancers and individuals. No project is too small or too large!


Producing high quality CGI images, animations and interactive applications are the main focus for work, but anything else 3D or CGI related will be of interest, unusual projects are sometimes the most fun!

Experimenting and playing with new technology, such as 3D printing and augmented reality, is something else I try to do, it’s always exciting to see where these things take us!


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I love creating visualisations, and I believe the services I offer give my clients the best head start in promoting, marketing or explaining their ideas. My services are driven by passion for amazing design and creating images, animation and applications which illustrate these designs and projects in the best possible way.

Over the past years I have created all kinds of digital based content for wide and ever expanding markets. Typically I produce images, animations and interactive content to visualise architecture, interiors and products.

Below is a selection of the work I typically create, however 3D and CGI is a very flexible medium and can be applied and utilised in almost any field.


Buildings, developments, planning, interiors, proposals...

Architectural Visualisations

Ard Digital CGI 3D Services Architectural Visualisations

Architectural Visualisations are typically used by architects, property developers, planners and designers to visualise a building or development before it’s built. Exterior, interior and photo-composite CGIs can inform and explain designs and concepts where traditional drawings may not give the best visual impression.

Click to find out more about architectural visualisations.


Kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms...

Digital Room Set Visualisations

Ard Digital CGI 3D Services Digital Room Sets

Digital room sets are created to best visualise a product such as kitchen or bathroom. Working with KBB (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom) manufacturers and designers, these interior CGI digital sets can quickly and cost-effectivly visualise almost any product which would traditionally require a hand-built room set.

Click to find out more about digital room sets.


Jewellery, toys, accessories, furniture...

Product Visualisations

Ard Digital CGI 3D Services Product VisualisationsProduct visualisations are fantastic for previewing a product before production, or as a cost-effective alternative to traditional photography. Designers, inventors and manufactures can create CGIs of their product in almost any situation imaginable.

Click to find out more about product visualisations.


Motion, sound...


Ard Digital CGI 3D Services AnimationComputer generated animations can be created is visualise architecture, products, interiors and virtually anything else. Animations can engage beyond still images, and can inform in detail designs and concepts, where still images might not explain fully.

Click to find out more about CGI animations.


Play, configure, explore, construct...

Interactive Applications

AD15_Services_Interactive_Applications_02Interactive applications allow a user to engage, play, explore, construct and configure almost anything. Potential buyers could use virtual reality to walk around a property, or a customer could interactively configure their ideal kitchen.

Click to find out more about interactive applications.


Record, manipulate, build...

3D Scanning & Printing

Ard Digital CGI 3D Scanning Printing3D Scanning & printing combines both the digital and physical. 3D scanning is used to take real world objects and convert them to digital 3D models. 3D printing does the reverse, taking 3D models and turning them into physical items.

Click to find out more about 3D scanning & printing.

News and developments...


The Blanks ready to download and 3D print on Thingyverse

As part of the constant tinkering and testing with 3D printing, I have released a free download of 2 little characters I have created. “The Blanks”, as I’ve named them, are two little characters, 10cm in height, with no real distinguishable features, perfect for a blank. The 3D models have been uploaded to Thingiverse, click […]

Interactive Car Configurator Demo Now Online

Over at our sister website,, we have been busy putting together our third showcase demo interactive application using the Construct and Configure Interactive Application. In this demo we used the existing application, but decided the push the number of options and configurations by showing how the app could be used to visualise a vehicle, […]

Creating an alloy wheel in 3Ds Max

Many of the 3D models used inside my scenes and environments are created from scratch, either from drawings, sketches and even photographs. This always helps projects to feel unique and different from other studios and work, and ensures images aren’t restricted by stock 3D libraries. This quick video time-lapse shows the creation of an alloy […]

May Design 2015 – Personal Highlight – Randonneur Chair

Last month I visited May Design by the London Docklands, and what a cracking exhibition it was. I had never been before, and although I had read the website and see the previews, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. True to its website, there was a mix of furniture, interiors, kitchen, bathroom, fabrics, and […]

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