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Welcome showcases a little bit of what Ard Digital has done in the past, from visualising architecture off-plan, to creating CGIs to illustrate a beautiful interior, or even producing interactive, playful product configurators.

The end results are great (clients will agree!), but how we get to the end visuals is also what makes Ard Digital a fantastic company to work with. Working along side clients, each project is unique and individual, and tailored to best suit you and your audience, that’s one of the main reasons why creating CGI illustrations and animations is so great!

Browse the site, read the blog, explore past CGI work in the portfolio, and get in touch to discuss anything you might want to talk about!


Who, what, how, where, why...




Ard Digital is essentially me, Dean Punchard, a creative freelance visualisation artist, with a background in computer arts, and a love of all things design and architecture.

Ard Digital can be more than just 1 person, as large or specialist projects can be tackled through a network of like minded freelancers and individuals. No project is too small or too large!


Producing high quality CGI images, animations and interactive applications are the main focus for work, but anything else 3D or CGI related will be of interest, unusual projects are sometimes the most fun!

Experimenting and playing with new technology, such as 3D printing and augmented reality, is something else I try to do, it’s always exciting to see where these things take us!


What I do...


I love creating visualisations, and I believe the services I offer give my clients the best head start in promoting, marketing or explaining their ideas. My services are driven by passion for amazing design and creating images, animation and applications which illustrate these designs and projects in the best possible way.

Over the past years I have created all kinds of digital based content for wide and ever expanding markets. Typically I produce images, animations and interactive content to visualise architecture, interiors and products.

Below is a compilation of the work I typically create, however 3D and CGI is a very flexible medium and can be applied and utilised in almost any field.

Buildings, developments, planning, interiors, proposals...

Architectural Visualisations

Ard Digital CGI 3D Services Architectural Visualisations

If you want to visualise a building or architecture “off-plan”, or illustrate to your clients or customers your concept, then CGI architectural visualisations, some times know as arch vis, are perfect. Taking drawings, sketches and any other information or references, I can turn them into visualisations to market, propose or approve a building.

There are several types of architectural visualisations, the most common of which is generally exterior images. The current trend is towards the photo-realistic images, but conceptual or sketch-like images can also be achieved.

The second most common type is interior visualisations, where the images show the proposed interior spaces. Generally the image will show an entire room or space to give your customers a real feel of how the final building’s interior will look. Interior CGIs can also be used to show how an existing space could be re-fitted and re-configured. The Office Re-fit Project is a prime example of this.

Other architectural visualisation types include photo-montages, sectional, and aerial views. Photo-montage images mix traditional photography with 3D buildings or structures. Photo-montage images are ideal to visualise a building in its proposed environment. A good example of a photo-montage visualisation is the Care-home Project, with the purpose of seeing the impact of the building on the surroundings.

Sectional architectural visualisations show the building as if it has been sliced open, or part of it has been removed. A floor plan can be visualised in 3D by removing the upper floors to give customers a better image of the proposed layout, compared to traditional CAD drawings. Sectional images can also be used to show the interior space on several levels. The Mews Development Project used a sectional image to illustrate the floor levels and interior space, which might not have been clear through drawings.

Aerial visualisations are very similar to exterior visualisations, in that they show architecture, but with aerial shots the emphasis often will be on the landscaping and overall view of the development and its layout. The Olympic Park Project is a great example of an aerial shot, combined with photo-montage techniques.

Architectural visualisations have many uses which are commonly used to market developments, aid in planning permission approval, raise interest and investors and much more.

Kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms...

Digital Room Set Visualisations

Ard Digital CGI 3D Services Digital Room Sets

Digital room set visualisations are very similar to interior architectural visualisations, but with one key difference. With architectural visualisations the main focus for the image is the room and the architectural space, where as with digital room sets, the focus is on the products shown within the set.

As with traditional photography, customs room sets are created to show a product. The kitchen, bedroom and bathroom industry is one main use for digital room sets, but any product which is shown in an interior can utilise 3D digital room sets, such as interior doors, appliances or furniture. The cost-effective way in which CGI sets, compared to real-world traditional sets, can be built, stored and re-used is one key advantage.

Digital room sets are photo-realistic in most situations, where the end customer might not be aware of the use of CGI. Two great examples of the use of digital room sets are the Luxury Bathroom Project and the Modern Linear Kitchen Project. The Modern Linear Kitchen Project is also an interactive application over at

Jewellery, toys, accessories, furniture...

Product Visualisations

Ard Digital CGI 3D Services Product Visualisations

If you want to visualise a product before production begins, or want to preview a design without building a prototype then product visualisations are ideal. Product CGIs can also of course be used to visualise existing products, where using traditional photography might not be cost effective, or the proposed image involves elements or scenarios that are unachievable in real life.

The Industrial Setting Furniture Project is a great example of a product visualisation that might have been very tricky or expensive to achieve with traditional photography. In contrast, the Bench Watch Project was shot in a traditional format, using a plain white background, and was created to demonstrate the level of detail achievable using 3D and CGI in product shots.

Motion, sound...


Ard Digital CGI 3D Services Animation

Any of the above services mentioned above could very well be CGI animation projects. An architectural visualisation project might include an animated walk-through of a property or development, and a digital room set could be animated to create a TV commercial.

As with still images, animations have varying styles and subjects, and how best to use digital animations changes from project to project.

The Modern Linear Kitchen Project uses animation to show the kitchen set with various shots, ending in a flurry of digital changes. In contrast the Offshore Components Project (coming soon) uses a less real visual approach, but the purpose of the animations was to explain the application of various custom components.

CGI animations are a great way to explain, promote, or engage with your audience. Animations can simply visualise a subject in a traditional fashion, or the use digital animations can be used to create animations where the physically impossible can be possible.

Play, configure, explore, construct...

Interactive Applications

Ard Digital CGI 3D Services Interactive Applications

If you need to allow your users or customers to configure, create, and play, then creating an interactive applications can be a great solution. There are numerous variations of interactive applications, from room set configurators, to interactive walk-throughs. Apps can be created to run on any device, from a PC to smart phone, or could even be part of a fixed installation.

Interactive apps have the capability explain space, ideas or concepts in ways images and animations can’t, perhaps allowing users to engage and interact with architecture or configure products to their own tastes.

The Kitchen Configurator (coming very soon) is an app in development and has been created to allow customers to configure and customise their kitchen a realistic interactive room set.

Also read the interactive blog posts to follow development of interactive applications.

Record, manipulate, build...

3D Scanning & Printing

Ard Digital CGI 3D Scanning Printing

3D printing is fascinating, and unlike any other service I currently offer, in the fact that the end result isn’t digital. 3D printing has many potential uses from rapid prototyping, to model making, to one-off products. The speed and ease at which items can be printed is one of the main advantages over traditional production, where custom tools or moulds would have to be created, making short production runs very expensive.

3D scanning can capture real world objects, such as architecture or people, and convert them into digital 3D objects. The 3D captured data can then be used inside 3D software to be visualised in a virtual way. 3D scanning can also used to scan objects which could be used in virtual sets or virtual architecture to aid the visualisation.

And of course 3D scanning can be used in conjunction with 3D printing to capture real world objects, and then print them into physical objects. The most popular application is the 3D scanning and printing of people, create miniature self portraits!

Be sure to check out the 3D printed architecture and 3D printed miniature figures in the portfolio section, and also keep an eye on the 3D printing section of the blog!


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