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Ard Digital CGI 3D Scanning Printing

3D scanning and 3D printing is a mix and transition between physical objects and digital files.

3D scanning can capture real world objects, such as architecture or people, and convert them into digital 3D objects. The 3D captured data can then be used inside 3D software to be visualised in a virtual way. 3D scanning can also used to scan objects which could be used in virtual sets or virtual architecture to aid the visualisation.

3D printing is unlike any other service I currently offer, in the fact that the end result isn’t digital. 3D printing has many potential uses from rapid prototyping, to model making, to one-off products. The speed and ease at which items can be printed is one of the main advantages over traditional production, where custom tools or moulds would have to be created, making short production runs very expensive.

Architecture can be 3D printed to explain form and space. The 3D Miniature House Project demonstrates how printing a house in several parts can useful for both architects, developers, or estate agents.

3D Printed Architecture House Plan MiniatureA 3D printed detached house.

3D scanning can be used in conjunction with 3D printing to capture real world objects, and then print them into physical objects. The most popular application is the 3D scanning and printing of people, create miniature self portraits! The 3D Printed Subbuteo Miniatures Project shows how a combination of 3D scanning, 3D modelling, 3D printing and traditional painting can create unique and custom items.

3D Print Printed Miniature Subbuteo Character3D printed Subbuteo Style Miniature Figures.

As well as use the in-house 3D printer, outsourcing 3D prints is also an option for a higher resolution print, or to print in a variety of materials. The 3D printed custom Duplo blocks were outsourced to another 3D printing service.

3D Printed Duplo Blocks3D printed custom Duplo blocks.

3D printing is amazing, and as the technology becomes more main-stream and readily available to the public the more we will see of 3D printing entering our lives. The ability to design, and quickly 3D print opens up a whole range of possibilities for this technology, from rapid-prototyping a new product to creating one-off items.

Be sure to check out the 3D Miniature House Project and 3D Printed Subbuteo Miniatures Project in the portfolio section, and also keep an eye on the 3D printing section of the blog!

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