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CGI animations have the capability to engage with viewers, to explain in more detail and depth than an image may. With the rise of smart phones, and faster internet connections, animations, films and videos are accessible from almost anywhere.

Any of the services mentioned in any of the other services pages could very well be CGI animation projects. An architectural visualisation project might include an animated walk-through of a property or development, and a digital room set could be animated to create a TV commercial.

As with still images, animations have varying styles and subjects, and how best to use digital animations changes from project to project. The Modern Linear Kitchen Project uses photo-real animation to show the kitchen set with various shots, ending in a flurry of digital changes. In contrast the Offshore Components Project (coming soon) uses a less real visual approach, but the purpose of the animations was to explain the application of various custom components.

A kitchen CG animation in a digital room set.

CGI animations are a great way to explain, promote, or engage with your audience. Animations can simply visualise a subject in a traditional fashion, or the use digital animations can be used to create animations where the physically impossible can be possible.

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