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Digital room sets are used to visualise interior sets to visualise a product or service. Over the past few years digital room sets are being utilised in more industries and markets than ever before.

As with traditional photography, customs room sets are created to show a product. The kitchen, bedroom and bathroom (KBB) industry is one main use for digital room sets, but any product which is shown in an interior or set can utilise 3D digital room sets, such as interior doors, appliances or furniture. The cost-effective way in which CGI sets, compared to real-world traditional sets, can be built, stored and re-used is one key advantage.

Digital room set visualisations are very similar to interior architectural visualisations, but with one key difference. With architectural visualisations the main focus for the image is the room and the architectural space, where as with digital room sets, the focus is on the products shown within the set. The Modern Linear Kitchen Project illustrates a kitchen in a simple digital room set. This project also demonstrates how a single kitchen and set can be re-used to show different finishes and kitchen handles. A small teaser animation was also created to show how digital room sets could be shown within animations and film.

Kitchen Interior Digital Room Set CGI 3D VisualisationA digital room set illustrating a modern kitchen design.

The Sliding Wardrobes Room Sets Project also shows how several digital room sets can be used to visualise large products in a virtual 3D interior set. Each set was re-used several times to show several styles and finishes of wardrobes.

Sliding Wardrobes Interior Furniture 3D CGI Digital Room SetA 3D bedroom set built to show Sliding Wardrobes.

With the Student Mattress Room Set Project a custom room set was built to illustrate a new range of wider student mattresses. The client could have sourced a real student room, and hired a traditional photographer, but instead decided to utilise 3D and CGI to create a student room set that is unlike anything currently available, and would hopefully make the image more memorable and thought provoking. In this image, the room set is entirely 3D based, however the mattress was photographed and superimposed into the image to ensure the product looked exactly as it should.

Student Room Set Interior Mattress Bedroom 3D CGIA student digital room set create to visualise a new student mattress.

Digital room sets are photo-realistic in most situations, where the end customer might not be aware of the use of CGI. More examples of the use of digital room sets are the Luxury Bathroom Project and the Burlington Traditional Kitchen Project.

Currently in development is an interactive 2D application, which will allow users to configure room sets and products. The first demo will feature the Modern Linear Kitchen Project, although the 2D app could be applied to almost any room set or product.

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