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We can create a wide range of interactive applications, from virtual walk-thoughs, to product configurators. We team up with developers and other guys who can write code, and we use our expertise in 3D visuals and CGI to create the amazing images, animations and virtual worlds.

Our current project, aimed at product manufacturers, interior designers, and archtiecture is the Construct & Configure Interactive Application. We generate 100s of layers, a UI, and some web development to show users how a product, architecture or interior would look in their prefered configuration or finish. To read more, and to try the demos, please go to

Interactive CGI car vehicle interior configurator applicationThe Construct & Configure app used to customise a Mini Cooper.

Interactive applications allow user, customers or colleagues to engage, interact, or even play with designs, concepts and ideas. Interactive applications have the ability explain space, form, and function in ways which images and animations might struggle.

By interacting with a product, architecture, or anything else allows users and customers to engage, explore or configure designs. An interactive 3D walk-though could perhaps be used to allow users to walk around a housing development. Or maybe a hand-held product configurator could be used visualise furniture styles and finishes to allow customers to make informed choices before making a purchase.

A furniture configurator application.

We can also develop 3D style applications, many of which are currently in development and testing. We love to explore and develop new ideas and technology as they become available.

3D Furniture Interactive Test 023D based applications are in development.

Keep an eye on the interactive blog posts to follow development and testing of interactive applications and projects.

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