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Ard Digital CGI 3D Services Product Visualisations

Product visualisations can be used to visualise a product before production begins, or want to preview a design without building a prototype. Product CGIs can also be used to visualise existing products, where using traditional photography might not be cost effective, or the proposed image involves elements or scenarios that are unachievable in real life.

The Industrial Setting Furniture Project takes existing products and illustrates them in an industrial environment. To achieve a project and images like these with traditional photography would be expensive and time consuming, where as using 3D and CGI allows for these types of sets to be created to suit any design or specification.

Product Furniture Visualisation Industrial Set CGI 3D VisualisationAn industrial 3D setting used in contrast to the modern furniture design.

In contrast, the Bench Watch Project was illustrated in a traditional format, using a plain white background. The project was created to demonstrate the level of detail achievable using 3D and CGI in product shots. These type of shots are typically used in pre-production projects, where the real item hasn’t been manufactured yet.

Bench Watch Jewellery Product CGI 3D VisualisationA 3D watch shot in a typical studio environment style.

In development is a 2D interactive application, designed to visualise products, room sets and architecure, and to allow users to configure designs and finishes. Keep an eye out for updated and testing.

Interactive Furniture Configurator2D interactive application for configuring office furniture.

Product visualisation can be used to visualise any product, from the smallest jewellery to a large construction excavator. Working alongside designer, inventors and manufacturers product CGIs can be used in many ways to help explain, market or preview a product.

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